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Singapore K-Pop Merchandise (In stocks or pre-order). Merchandise items for Korean/K-Pop Idol Star directly from Korea. So,here it goes ...^_^

K-POP idol: Girls Generation/SNSD, Super Junior , Shinee , 2PM, Big Bang, SS501 , Kara , T~ara , F4 , BEG , AN.JELL, Lee Minho , Kim Bum , Korean Drama item

Psst..!! for any item that not listed here, can email us for pic (If any), we will answer you inquiries as soon as we can ^_^.

(**) As first timer buyer from our online store, you will have enjoy special discount :
order 3 item will get disc 2.5 %, min. 5 item will get 5% disount, minimum 7 item will get 10% discount
(**) Item not valid for hot pre-order item though, mianhe ^_^

For Singaporean buyer :
1. Bank Transfer POSB SAVING acct # 115-548190 /OCBC
2. NON-bank transfer ==> We can meet during meet up to collect your in-stock item. BUT, to secure your pre-order item, 50% payment in front must been made in our 1st meet-up.

For International buyer
not to worry guys! ^_^ Paypal is accepted, but don't forget plus additional International postage fee will be charged of course ^_^ Mianhe:P

For Indonesian buyer
Tenang, jangan khawatir, dijamin lebih murah. Soalnya kita langsung impir dari Korea, dan JKT ke SG kan tarif kirimnya jg gak mahal2, asal jangan minta seminggu nyampe aja ya :p Sabar dikit, ttp dapat harga murah kok :)
kalo mau pre-order barang2 yg gak ada disni email aja ke fokpop at yahoo.com.sg , oh yua, (PS: harga blm termasuk ongkos kirim)

- For item that not listed here, feel free to send me the detail item and pics (if any) to to fokpop at yahoo.com.sg for detail. We will try best we can to check them for you ^_^

- Your order will be confirmed (secured) once you give us email of your Trx Ref.# to our account

- All price in SGD

- Click image to get better preview

- for pre-ordered item that out of stock, we will refund the money 100% !!

- POSB 115-548190 /OCBC account for SG buyer, Paypal accepted for International buyer, BCA for Indonesian buyer

- click here for your pre-order status list here (only the one that made payment that will be taken into account)

- Meetup Collection option !!:

- 2~3 PM at Plaza Singapura bus stop( in front of HSBC Dhouby ghout)
- 7.30 PM at Bishan MRT

Sat/ Sun : when available , lunch time: 12.30 ~1.30 PM (Orchard/ Bishan MRT)

other time : pls email for schedule arrangement ^_^

- Price can differ after ordering, since we order based on Korean Won:p

Once you make payment,do keep in touch for your pre-order status list here
Keep in mind, your order will be confirmed in status list once payment is made or for bank transfer, pls email your transferred Trx Reference #

FAQ : How to order - Pay - Collect
How to order, and to pay, then collect from our online store..??
can click F.A.Q here

Special discount on special item
We usually have sale for in-stock item, so please keep monitor our blog..:)

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