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ITEM @ OUR ToyOutpost box

KPOP ITEM IN STOCK!! at OUR ToyOutpost box ,Plasa Singapura- SINGAPORE, hurry grab it, before others will^_^

KPOP ITEM At our Toyoutpost box :

note : item depends on availability. If it is out of stock, means somebody already bought it


Our box at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura 7th floor is expanded. thanks for regular custiomer that keep supporting us ^_^
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BIG size item at our toyoutpost

- TVXQ files Keep Your Head down special album

- SUPER JUNIOR Super SHow DVD Making book

- Girl's Generation 1st Photobook in Japan

- Big Bang Super Making book

- SNSD Star Collection card season 1

- SNSD Star Collecion card season 2

- SNSD Silver Foil RDR, Oh!, SPAO (some member only)

- SNSD Frame Taeyeon , Yoona RDR (pls email to ask to put in the box before buy)

Thank you :)

as the rest considered small size KPOP stuff like CDs,lighstick, SM official item, SPAO tees, Sticker, HP Strap, desk calendar are remain in same box:)

Do VISIT us often >_<, ITEM Renewed weekly or based on request !!^_^
Yeeay, so easy no need arrange meetup ,save your time, just buy when you can, collect right away ^_^

SMALL size item at our toyoutpost

SNSD/Girl's Generation
Goobne bromide
Goobne folded bromide
Goobne SNSD Tumbler
Everysing SNSD desk calendar 2011
Everysing SNSD wall calendar 2011
Girls Generation Star Season 2
Everysing Button
SNSD Cheering concert towel
Everysing Scrap Book / Girl's Generation Live Photo
Everysing Clear/Plastic File (File Folder) Hoot theme : per member
Everysing Clear/Plastic File (File Folder) oh! theme : per member
Everysing Paper File (FIle FOlder) oh!
Everysing Paper File (FIle FOlder) Hoot
Everysing Mobile Strap
Everysing Transportation Card case
Everysing CD Burn Sticker
3D file INTW 1st concert Asia Tour
USB 2 GB INTW 1st concert Asia Tour
Goobne Bromide set
Goobne folded bromide per member
SNSD SM Town concert 2010 File
SNSD SM Town concert Postcard
SNSD Japan magazine : ODINA, K-POP Girls, etc
SNSD AstaTV : 19,90 SGD
Beyond 9 Hoodie white M size (Blue numbering 9 Checkered)
Beyond 9 tees M size (Blue navy)

rare! SPAO Calendar 2010 : Vintage design
SPAO Numbering Tees (Female numbering tees and Unisex Numbering Tees)
SPAO Chibbie tees White : promotion 14,90 SGD
SPAO Hoot per each member

SNSD Misc Item
SNSD Socks set (High Quality Sock : newest Oh! version )
SNSD Calendar 2010-2011
SNSD Cheering towel
SNSD Light stick

Super Junior
SUJU SM Town 2010 Live concert Postcard
SUJU SM Town 2010 Live Bromide facebook
Super Junior Boys In City DVD Photobook with free poster!!
Super Junior CDs
Super Junior Cheering concert towel
Everysing Clear/Plastic File : per member theme
Everysing Mobile Strap
Everysing CD Burn Sticker
Everysing Transportation Card case
Everysing Super Junior Mousepad
Everysing Super Junior mug : Heechul, Ryeowok, Siwon, Sungmin
Everysing Super Junior HQ Silver foil : Donghae
Everysing Post card set : Leetuk, All 4 member
Super Junior SPAO polo tees
Super Junior SPAO Heaphone tees
Super Junioe SPAO Boys in City tees

SUJU Misc Item
Cheer item : Concert Lighstick
Photobook L Boys In City 3 (Hongkong) + free poster--> (only put based on request, since our box have limited space)

Kara Clear File
Kara Lightstick Official

SHiNee SM Town 2010 Live concert Postcard
SHiNee SM Town 2010 Live concert Facebook photo
SHiNee Clear file B5
SHiNee Clear file vers. C and vers. B
Everysing SHINee desk calendar 2011
Everysing SHINee wall calendar 2011
Everysing Clear/Plastic File : per member theme
Everysing Mobile Strap
Everysing CD Burn Sticker
Everysing Transportation Card case
Everysing Mobile strap (Key,Onew, Jonghyun left : limited stock)
Everysing Shinee Mousepad
Everysing Shinee HQ Silver foil : Jonghyun, Onew, Key

Misc: Shinee item
Shinee square post it
Shinee Clear File
Cheer item : Concert Lighstick

Cheer item : Concert Lighstick

You're Beautiful/ AN.JELL
Piggy Tuggy doll hp strap
Novel Book Vol.1 , vol.2 , vol.3 (only put based on request, since our box have limited space)
Jang Geun Suk Plate number
Jang Geun Suk Plate HP Strap

Big Bang
Cheer item : Concert Lighstick
Big bang HP Strap
Big Bang Photobook

RARE (Special CD) LKinmited edition : Destination
SS501 Lightstick

2PM Clear File
2PM HP strap
2PM Sticker

KPOP Poster
Super Junior Black and White in tux
Shinee 2010 Year of Us
SNSD SPAO Poster : Girls with numbering tees (OH!)


Rain Calendar 2010



Toyoutpost is a shop at Plaza SIngaoura that renting a few display box for us merchant to sell our item.

We rent some boxes there for you KPOP Lover to purchase your item without arrannging meetup. So easy and convenient for you, !! ^_^

YOu can just come at your convenient time and choose all KPOP item available there and pay directly to Toyputpost staff there.

Keep in mind though,price is different with price that stated in the blog. since we have to pay their commision and rental box fees. also can not fit big bulky item.

Some our in stock item at ToyOutpost ,
Address: Plaza Singapura #07-11B
Tel: (65) 62388322
Operates daily from 12pm to 10pm.

Hurry check our item at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura before other grab it:p Pay and collect yourself at your convenient time ^_^ no need arrange meetups,so easy :D

Go check them out, Pay and collect yourself at your convenient time!! ^_^ OPen Daily 12PM-10PM

warning : some item ,price add 1-3 SGD more, and up to 6% more than the price stated in our blog, since we have to oay our rental fees and Toyputpost commision. Mianhe, pls understand. ^_^

Do enjoy your KPOP shopping time there ^_^