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FAQ : Term N Conds

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There will always be pre-order batch, please see announcement for any new batch coming up.
And for item that not listed here, feel free to send me the detail item and pics (if any). We will try best we can to check them for you ^_^


How to Order

Email us ( fokpop at yahoo.com.sg ) your following data :

Address :
Phone Number :
No of Item ordered :

Preference color for specific item (if any) :
Substitute for non-stock item (if any) :

Remember guys, kindly send all your inquiries/questions for item you interest to --> fokpop at yahoo.com.sg
as sometime filling comment only will not really monitored by us frequently :p

- Click image to get better preview ,before your order


Pre Order Status List

For your pre-order status list, please click here --> Pre Order Status List & Collection Date Announcement

PS: Keep in mind only the one that made payment for pre-order item that will be taken into account.

Payment can be done via :

1.To secure your pre-ordered item, please transfer (min. 50%) to:

for SG Buyer
-> POSB Saving Account : 115-548190
-> OCBC Saving Account 508-2-796870

International buyer
-> Paypal account : sandyph @ gmail.com (no space of course ^_^)
Keep in mind, price is excluding shipping fes from Singapore to your country)
NOT Include SHIPPING FEES and Registered article FEes, + 5% paypal fees from total cost will be paid by you as customer if you pay from your Credit card/other fund instead of your paypal balance. So,please pay using paypal balance, PayPal Instant Transfer, or PayPal eCheck. otherwise I will get deducted around 5% fee from the total mount

for Indonesian buyer
-> BCA : 0050193454

2. Pay during meet-up/collect. For non transfer payment, to secure your pre-ordered item , at least 50% payment must been paid in front at our 1st meet-up, then 2nd meet up (collection date) for the remaining amount.


How to collect your pre-ordered item:

- Mass collection
Meet up at MRT City area (Doubhy Ghout/City Hall/Bishan/ Funan Digitall Mall/ Plaza Singapura bus stop)
weekdays : after office hour only ^_^

- Shipped to your address (for International buyer, International postage fees will be charged to buyer)

Sorry can not meetup at any place you want. PLEASE UNDERSTAND< since we never charge for additional meetup fees ^_^.

- Meetup Collection option !!:
Beside mass collection date for pre-ordered item (usually fall on Sunday). other than the date for Mass collection for pre-order item, we also have daily basis meetup option as below *FREE OF CHARGE, as our service for you guys*

Weekdays (Daily meetup, only weekdays ,pls sms our pla sing partner min. 1 day before)
- 2 ~ 6 PM at Funan Digital Mall
- 2 ~ 3 PM at Plaza Singapura bus stop (in front of HSBC Dhouby Ghout)

Weekend (pls sms our Bishan partner min. 1 day before)
Sat/ Sun : when available , lunch time: 1.30 PM ~ 2 PM
(Plaza Singapura bus stop/ Bishan MRT)--> depends on our availability if we have mass meetup, must follow mas meetup location date and time :)

other time : pls email for schedule arrangement ^_^



- No Refund for item purchased, mianhe >_< FAQ :

Why suddenly my pre-ordered item no stock?

- we never guarantee for pre-ordered item you've ordered will always in stock.
Mianhe.. as we also must pre-order, so depends on stock availability.
Specially if you drag your payment, we will give theitem to buyer that pay f1st of course!! :)
So, if at the end you decide to buy, but turn out no more item left...
Well.. so sorry, it is your call in the 1st place to drag...my friend >_< So no need to nag us for this

- For pre-ordered item that out of stock
, we will refund all down payment --> refund full 100%!!

- Your order will be confirmed (secured) once you transfer us at least 50% from total order , do send us (via email) of your Trx Ref.# and trxn time. Remember Only order secured, but the item availability depends on stock condition in Korea. we will refund 100% all your payment if turn out no more stock.


Why so important to pay upfront for your RARE item ?

- No Down payment, no Reservation!!
So, please NO NEED to feel DISAPPOINTED if your wanted item turn out no more stock. Even for buyer that paying full payment upfront, we can nt guarantee item availability if it os pre-order item. Again, it is depend item availability in korea :)

NOTE !!- due to some partner are being too nice, and saying (in that point of time) we can reserve the item for you, maybe because that time we still have plenty of stock left >_< , but if you still drag your collection day and your payment, we can not promise you ,that we still have the item. Specially if you reply us late...>_< FAQ :

I tot i reserve it via mail, but why no more stock?

As non reserved item with payment, will be treated as IN STOCK item that can be sold to other buyer. So strongly advice you to reserve item with payment ^_^

- Do note that Price can change!


OMG, Why the price change? Why... fokpop WHy...????

- Price can change, as price in SGD,but pre-order from Korea need to check 1st what is updated price in Won and currency rate before convert them to SGD ( so sorry if we have sudden changing in price for some pre-ordered item, specially if the item is rare and limited edition, EVEN IF YOU PAY full upfront, we can not guarantee get the same old price, as we keep trying to get ur wanted stuff from other Korean reseller that f cuourse will add up the price )
As some out of stocks item need to pre-order, need to check price 1st in Won and currency rate before convert them to SGD ( so sorry if we have some changing in price for in stock/pre-ordered item)


OMG, My item not yet arrived.?? Why fokpop WHy...????

For any late shipping, do not even nag us about this! as sometime it is depends on other things, u
- Have holiday in between the days after the item is shipped
- if turn out the item release date delayed from korea >_< Item in normal condition will arrive im 2-3 days afer it shipped from Korea, as we always use EMS (fast International shipping) but yes, sometime s*cks thing do happends my friend.. Pls do understand and wait, we also want to get our item in time, so we can collect our money d'ooh..! :p - Be annoying buyer will not make your item arrive faster :) - If you are nice buyer, we'll be tripple nicer to you >_< NOTE again...! >_< haha
So, AGAIN for hundered times...hoho>_< For pre-ordered item that out of stock, we will refund the money 100% !! --> as you know, sh*tt do happend (pardon our language>_<),

We only human, we can not and never guarantee all item that you order will always be in stock.. Is like..
COM'ON...!!! this is KPOP freak we're talkin' here... there are bunch KPOP freak like you guys willing to queue for those hot KPOP collectibles.. ^_^

DO NOTE, DO NOTE , DO NOTE my KPOP_Lover fellow ^_^
Again, as not much profit comes, d'oh.. As you can see all our item pricing are so freackin' low compared to others.
Our price is cheaper due to we have korean fried as fellow KPOP lover to spread KPOP love ,.. haha >_< so, we charge reasonable price compared to others.... Sinchayo!!! So... Chaebal!!! ^^ do respect our term and please support us by do order nicely and wait patiently ^_^

Nomu Nomu kamsahamnida >_< My Chinggu, as fellow KPOP Lover.. ^_^.... If you are a nice and friendly buyer, our partner will do come with suprise gift or discount. Appreciate your patient ^_^ and nomu nomu kamsahamnida for your order :D

Kamsahamnida yorobbun ^_^

Special discount on special item
We usually have sale for in-stock item, so please keep monitor our blog :)