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Toyoutpost is a shop at Plaza SIngaoura that rent a few display box for us to sell our item.

We rent some boxes there for you KPOP Lover to purchase your item without hassle meetup arrangement.

Some our in stock item at ToyOutpost ,
Address: Plaza Singapura #07-11B
Tel: (65) 62388322
Operates daily from 12pm to 10pm.

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warning : some item ,price add 1-3 SGD more, and up to 6% more than the price stated in our blog, since we have to oay our rental fees and Toyputpost commision. Mianhe, pls understand. ^_^

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Indonesia (Jakarta) Ready STOCK

Korean Merchandise REAY STOCK ITEM for Jakarta, Indonesia as of 9 April 2011
kurs 1 SGD= Rp7000
Group/Artist Stock Item TYPE Harga Jual SGD

SNSD 3 Oh! CD 25
SNSD 2 RDR CD 26.9
SNSD 1 Hoot (poster add 5 SGD) CD 22
SNSD 1 Baby Baby CD
SNSD 1 Genie CD
SNSD 1 INTW Small CD 19
SNSD 1 Girls generation pink Vol.1 CD 23
SNSD 2 Into the New World 2CD concert + poster CD 28
SNSD 0 Roomate CD

SNSD 1 SNSD Towel Cheering concert 22.9
SNSD 1 SNSD Lighstick small Cheering concert 11
SNSD 1 SNSD Paper File Hoot File
SNSD 1 SNSD Photobook Photobook 49.9
SNSD 1 HOOT Clear file Tiffany File 12.9
SNSD 1 HOOT Clear file Yuri File 12.9
1 HOOT Clear file Taeyeon File 12.9
SNSD 2 Everysing SNSD desktop official cal 2011 Calendar 28
SNSD 2 Everysing SNSD WALL official cal 2011 Calendar 29.9
SNSD 2 Socks group person Socks 5
3 oh! Socks Yoona Socks 4.5
SNSD 2 oh! Socks Jessica Socks 5
SNSD 1 oh! Socks Tiffany Socks 4.5
SNSD 1 oh! Socks Sooyoung Socks 4.5
SNSD 1 oh! Socks Sunny Socks 4
SNSD 1 SNSD everysing sticker Gee (white tees n jeans) Other 12
SNSD 2 Goobne 9 member bromide SNSD Bromide 22.9
SNSD 1 SNSD Cardcase Jessica cardcase 18
SNSD 1 SNSD Cardcase Sooyoung cardcase 17.5

SNSD 1 SPAO Tees Small chibbie Taeyeon M Tees 14.9
SNSD 1 SPAO Tees Small chibbieYoona M Tees 14.9
SNSD 1 SPAO Tees Small chibbie Yuri M Tees 14.9
SNSD 1 SPAO Tees Big chibbie GREEN Yoona M Tees 19.9
SNSD 1 SPAO Tees GENIE GREEN Yoona M Tees 32
SNSD 1 SPAO Tees 9members standing Genie Grey S Tees 29.9
SNSD 1 SPAO Tees 9members standing Genie White M Tees 29.9
SNSD 1 SPAO Tees numbering 9 V stripe Unisex M Tees 35.9
SNSD Black Silver numbering 9 M Tees 29.9

TVXQ 1 Keep your head down paper file File 11

SHINEE 1 Hello Shinee paper file File 11
SHINEE 1 SHINEE Clear file pink Jonghyun File 17
SHINEE 1 Pin button Jonghyun Other 12
SHINEE 1 Pin button Onew Other 12
SHINEE 0 Pin button Key Other 12
SHINEE 0 Pin button Minho Other 12
SHINEE 0 SHINEE Lighstick small Cheering concert 14.9
SHINEE 2 Everysing SHINee desktop official cal 2011 Calendar25.9
SHINEE 2 Everysing SHINee WALL official cal 2011 Calendar 27.9

SUPER JUNIOR 1 SUJU Lighstick small Cheering concert 12

SUPER JUNIOR 1 SUJU SMTown postcard Other 35
SUPER JUNIOR 1 SUJU SMTown Facebook photo bromide Other 72
SUPER JUNIOR 2 SUJU Towel Cheering concert 23
SUPER JUNIOR 3 SUJU Socks (Leetuk,Donghae,Heechul) Socks 5.9

SUPER JUNIOR 1 Eunhyuk Cardcase cardcase 15.9
Others/SNSD 1 G7 KBS 2011 Calendar Calendar 14.9
BIG BANG BSX Poster Poster 18.9
2PM 1 2PM pink small Lighstick Cheering concert 12
2PM 1 AstaTV Kim Hyun Joong Special ed (with 2PM, SNSD,SHINee,Lee Minho) Magazine 19


- KPOP Magazine

- KPOP Poster

- KPOP Calendar

- KPOP Cloths

-KPOP Hoodie

- KPOP Cheer Item


OUR IN STOCK item (Preview)


SPAO Tees/Hoodie
- Super Junior Boys in city hoodie
- SUper Junior SPAO Listen Girl Long sleeve
- Girl's generation photo all member with Girl's Generation written in tees
- Yoona Genie big cartoon
- SNSD Big Chibbie tees

Super Junior photo all member
Super Junior Boys in City
- Super Junior NONAMANA Jacket A cover

More item to be preordered and other FULL in stock item please click the specific group on right link on the right top side bar ^_^

This page only preview for some of our in stock item, more pics in stock and for pre-Order, must click ecah group link on right side bar :D

NO need pre-order

IN STOCK,grab it now, no need pre-order ^_^
-Photobook IN STOCK
- Super Junior - JIB 3- Boys IN City Hongkog + DVD
- SNSD All about Girls Generation in Phuket Photobook


GIr's Generation SPAOh! poster

BSX Big Bang poster

SUPER Junior Everysing

SHinee Everysing POster

PLS SEE IMAGE in below page (only for some preview),

Mail to fokpop at yahoo.com.sg before run out of stock ^_^

1st SNSD Photobook Girls in Tokyo : 85.90 SGD

SNSD Everysing Item
Everysing HP Strap Jessica, Taeyon, Yoona, Tiffany @ 27.90 SGD
Everysing SNSD Transportation Cardcase @ 14.90 SGD
Everysing SNSD Paper File Oh! style 14.90 SGD
Everysing SNSD sticker Set 1 @ 12.90 SGD per set
Everysing SNSD CD burning sticker @ 8.70 SGD

Everysing SNSD 9 member poster in 1 elegant tube (103 * 62 cm) Oh! style @ 39.80 SGD (price bases on stock left, sorry can have diff changes anytime)
Limited Edition (42.50 SGD) (NO FRAME : 22 x 28 cm)
Taeyon Photo _ Signing
TIffany Photo _ Signing
Jessica Photo _ Signing
Yuri Photo _ Signing

Concert goodies
Girl's generation The 1st Asia Tour Goods
- Yuri concert tees ( free size , female size ) : 1 left
- Girl's generation The 1st Asia drinking paper cup : 7.90 SGD
- Encore 3D file : 2 file Encore concert version @ 29 SGD
- Girl's Generation 1st Asia Tour member poster set (CHeerleader vers, 35.90 SGD)
- Girl's Generation 1st Asia Tour(3 lucky charm/Hp strap) Encore
concert version @36~ 36.90 SGD depend on member set
-> Set Yuri-TIffany-Jessica : 38 SGD
-> Set Taeyon-Hyoyeon-Sooyoung : 36.90 SGD
-> Set Yoona - Sunny - Seohyun : 37.50 SGD


SPAO SNSD SPAOh! SNSD Numbering tees POSTER : 19.90 SGD,
-if buy 1 SPAO tees, can buy poster for 15.90 SGD only,
-if buy 2 SPAO tees, then poster for 12.90 SGD only ^_^

- Shopping Paper Bag
Free!! for those that shop/order with minimal 100 SGD
Normal price : 18 SGD each

- Badges
SNSD SPAO badges : 6.50 SGD each

- Tees
SNSD SPAO Numbering Color Tees 32.80 SGD.
Number in stock,7, 9,11,0,12, 21,22

- SNSD SPAO UNISEX (for NAMJA! guy can also wear now ^_^) 35.90 SGD
SPAO Unisex only available for no. 7, 9, 21, 22 only :)

- SNSD SPAO Numbering Color Tank top Tees (sleeveless) :29.90 SGD
the size is bigger than old model spao numbering tees, as it is more to unisex size.

- SPAO tees , with SNSD Chibbie 9 member in line (oh! cheerleader version), with 9 names bak=ck side : 36.90 SGD
(color available : Ivory, purple, white, pink, blue) , S and M only

SNSD Black Soshi Repackage Album (free poster + folded random poster) : 26.90 SGD
SNSD Oh!Album (free poster edition + random photo) 24.90 SGD

Hot IN stock Item
Girl's Generation Star collecton card 52.90 SGD
SNSD Keychain 10.90
SNSD hp strap 8.90
SNSD socks (Genie, Oh! style)


HOT ITEM in stock!!
Suju boys in hongkong 78.90 (Free POster)

SUJU Everysing Item
Everysing Super Junior Official Poster :18.90 (13 member 2nd concert tour)
Everysing Super Junior mousepad per member (per set) @15.90, 3 for 45 SGD
Everysing Super Junior Transportation Cardcase @ 13.90 SGD
Everysing Super Junior Notebook 15.90 SGD (Eunhyuk in stock)
Everysing Super Junior sticker Set 1 : @ 11.90 SGD per set
Everysing Super Junior CD burning sticker @ 7.80 SGD

SPAO with STAR : Super Junior
-SPAO Super Junior long sleeve: Super Show T-shirt , blue (size M) : 36,90
-SPAO Hiodie Black L 58 SGD
-SPAO SUJU Headphone : M size : 34 SGD
-SPAO Super Junior sweater : 55 SGD
-SPAO Super Junior Tees : (S,M) size @ 32~35 SGD
-SPAO SUper Junior lo Tees : (S,M): 45.90 SGD
-SPAO Super Junior Hoodie : 58.90 SGD

Super Junior misc
-Super Junior Parfume bottle 12 : 7.80 SGD (Lee TUk, Eunhyuk, Sungmin,Donghae, etc)
-Super Junior Cheer concert light stick : 12.90 SGD (3G 3 diff mode light) small concert Stick :10.90 SGD
-Super Junior mousepad 5.90 SGD
-Super Junior Plastic File : 7.90 SGD each


- Kara Muse DVD set photobook + 6 poster (5 member poster, 1 group poster) : 72.90 SGD
- KaraDise hotobook 2010 (all set shown in Kara link)

Kara Lunpin 21 SGD
Kara poster Lupin (+2 SGD if buying CD)
Karadise poster : 10 SGD


HOT Item in stock
Big bang School set : 31.90 SGD
YG Exclusive goods , Big Bang Photo book, Silver edition: 65 SGD

Other Misc BIg Bang item
Big Bang POster (Official BSX) : 16.90 SGD
Big Bang 12 set poster calendar, big poster, wall calendar : 30.90 SGD
Big Bang HP Strap 5.90 SGD
Big Bang socks 5 SGD
BIg Bang concert stick 15.90 SGD
BIg Bang BSX Official POster 16.90 SGD
Big Bang School Set 28,90 SGD


Everysing Item
Everysing SHinee Poster : 15.90 SGD
Everysing Shinee Sticker Set 1 and Set 2 : @ 11.90 SGD per set
Everysing Shinee CD burning sticker @ 6.80 SGD
Everysing Shinee B5 File @ 11.90 SGD
Everysing Shinee A4 Clear File ver.B @ 13.90 SGD
Everysing Shinee Mobile Strap @ 23.90 SGD
Everysing Shinee mousepad : 16.90 SGD

CD Album/Photobpook
SHinee Night (limited edition) photo book + DVD @ 48.50 SGD -- sorry no stock left in Seoul T_T, all pre-order also will be refund 100%

Shinee Cheer Concert Light Stick : 16.90 SGD
SHinee Calendar : 15.80 SGD

AN.JELL/You're Beautiful

You're Beautiful Jang geun Suk plat number 22.90 SGD
You're Beautiful hp strap with mirror 14.90 SGD
You're Beautiful - Cellphone Accessary (with Mirror) - Tae Kyung
You're Beautiful - Cellphone Accessary (with Mirror) - ALL Member
You're Beautiful hp strap Piggy tugi doll 12.90 SGD
You're Beautiful car accesories/mirror acc: Piggy tugi doll 18 SGD
You're Beautiful Piggy Tugi doll 45 SGD
You're Beautiful HP Holder Piggy tugi doll $12.90
You're Beautiful COmic book Vol.1 $22.90

T~ara ITEM

CD Repackage Limited edition
CD T~ara 1st Album


2PM HP Strap 5.90 SGD
2PM socks 5 SGD each


some Item are in stock with special offer, can email us and ask for special disc ^_^
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SNSD item

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Super Junior in stock


SHINEE item in stock

You're Beautiful(AN.JELL) item in stock

Big Bang item in stock

2PM in stock

Tara in stock

Tara repackage limited edition (Black)

MISC socks