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SNSD / Girls' Generation

Ahnyoong >_< In this page you will find many SNSD item with these category :
- Everysing (SM Town official Item). Everysing store only in Seoul,Korea
- SPAO with Star line with SNSD
- Goobne stuff with SNSD
For those SNSD Official item/stuff that not listed in this blog, please state and provide pics to fokpop at yahoo.com.sg if u want to order stil and do read our FAQ before do pre-order^_^

-Most of our SNSD item are ready stock, so no need for you to pre-order, unless we stated so.
Some of our IN STOCK item are available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall 7th floor, price added with GST for some item though

So, Happy browsing my fellow SONE ^_^
Ready stock item !

-SM. ART badge 28,90 SGD
-SM.ART mini notebook in set 27,90 SGD
SPAO numbung female tees :38,90 SGD and
SPAO 2009 rare tees : 12 cartoon face :39,90 SGD
(available in our SG shop - ToyOutpost PlazaSingapura )

FOLDER Mr. TAXI : 16,90~18,90 SGD

Fan SM Town 3 in Seoul 2012 : 21,90 SGD
Rare fan ( sorry price increased 2 timesT__T)

GIRLS' GENERATION - VOL.3 [MR. TAXI VER] - pre-order :
Pre-Order price : 24,90 SGD /Rp 178 ribu

Ready stock price : 27,90 SGD (comes with trading card + Group poster + random member poster )
all poster while stock last.
comes with random trading photocard and Group poster

SNSD 3rd Album : The BOYS + Poster : Pre-order price 24.90 SGD
Ready stock price : 27,90 SGD (comes with trading card + Group poster + random member poster )
all poster while stock last.
comes with random trading photocard and Group poster

Hot Ready stock
Price shown in our facebok.
click here : http://www.facebook.com/FOKPOP

Individual The Boys membe rposter : 16,90 SGD
buy with the CD just add 12,90 SGD ( sorry price increased, and no more SUNNY poster)

DVD ITNW Concert ( with 2 random photocard and poster) : 49.90 SGD

pre order now for cheaper price:) ready stock price will be different.Buy together with the CD ITNW concert(24.90 SGD), both CD and DVD concert for 72 SGD only.
SNSD 2011 Concert Official badges : 16.90 SGD

Vita500 fan Yoona/Tiffany/Yuri only : 12.90 SGD

Vita500 Laminated Bromide A4 size: 10.90 SGD

소녀시대 - 6 DVD set : DVD All About Girls' Generation / Paradise in Phuket : pre order was 79,90 SGD
Now Ready stock Price : 84.90 SGD

1. Set of 6 DVD Chapter +44 page undisclosed amount of Phuket Special Photos (including bukpyoji) + premium hard cardboard boxes]
2. Plate: Width (290) * Height (290) * thickness (21)
3. MPAA Rating: All
6. Running Time: Approximately 715 minutes
7. Region Code: 3
8. Subtitles: Korean / English
Pocket Photobook SNSD : 24,90 SGD
Pocket Photo Book SNSD (full color page).high quality papper, limited stock left

Deluxe 1st SNSD Japan album + POSTER:
comes with cosmetic beautiful box, exclusive bag, and limited stock folded Poster for 1st Pre order, and of course comes with that exclusive photobook): 124.90SGD SGD (Rp.840 ribu)

Limited 1st SNSD Japan album
-CD and DVD same content as deluxe one, but no bag, no box , different folded poster with Deluxe, also dofferent photobook from deluxe one - only 1st PO batch got folded poster: 68,90 SGD ( Rp. 480 ribu )
Hot Ready stock Japan
Mr Taxi – Japan 3rd Single

Ready stock with both version of :
- Deluxe First Press LIMITED ED: 36.90 SGD (comes with a photobooklet with RDR japan bonus MV + dance version and random trading card)
- Limited Pressing : 28.90 SGD Got different photobooklet from First Press, CD+DVD Music Video ( no trading card)
Since it is comes with different photobook, as a true SONE got to have both..??>_< haha :D so if you buy both version , pre-order price only : 62 SGD ^__^
HOT Ready stock
SPAO SNSD Birthday Cap : was 44.90 --> then 46.90SGD --> now 53.90 SGD
Limited ready stock, rare cap member
Left with :
- Taeyeon Cap
- Jessica Cap

also shown in the picture above
- SNSD Flag cheering concert: 10 SGD
- SNSD Iphone4 case : 19.90 SGD
New Arrival SPAO Tees
Limited ready stock
- Tayeon with Girls Generation text written : 41,90 SGD
- 3 Polaroid Photo (Member : Yoona-Yuri-Jessica ) : 41,90 SGD
- 9 member polaroid photo box ( 9 Member SNSD ) : 42,90 SGD
all in M size,Female cut

SNSD Goobne Chicken Tumbler : 23.90 SGD
Limited ready stock

SNSD Flag: 10 SGD

Photobook 소녀시대 / All About Girls Generation : Paradise in Phuket (304p.화보집) was: 49.90 SGD---> Now 52.90 SGD
Limited ready stock ^_^
-This 2nd photobook’s photo shoot was captured over 6 days during the girls’ recent trip to the island of Phuket, Thailand last August 2010.
Pictures in the photobook include selcas (self cameras) taken by the girls themselves-All About Girls’ Generation “Paradise In Phuket”
Photobook-Pages: 304, Size: 24.2cm x 21cm (The 1st Photobook is way larger: 33cm x 23.5cm304 pages)- book Text in 언어 표기: 한국어(kr)/ 일본어(jp)/ 영어(eng) Ready stock!! (Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)
Concert CD SNSD INTO THE NEW WORLD (concert cd + limited poster): 24.90 SGD
CD of SNSD the 1st Asia Tour : 2CD + Poster
Limited ready stock , as people keep looking for this rare official poster ^__^

Everysing SNSD Vers. D Clear File : 12,90 SGD

Everysing SNSD notebook vers D: 16.90 SGD

Everysing SNSD Hoot Clear File : 12,90 SGD

Taeyeon, Jessica, Yoona, Yuri : 14.90 SGD (sorry as now we only have limited stock left for this girls >_<)

Everysing SNSD Clear File (Oh! Vintage design) : 15.90 SGD
Sorry, price went up since it is no more stock in everysing korea.
Left with Tiffany, Yuri only.
SNSD SM Town White Clear File : 17.90 SGD
was 14.90 SGD (Now 17.90 SGD, sorry as price went up due to it is rare item now)
Taeyeon,Jessica File : 18,90 SGD
(Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)
Everysing Official Button badge : was 11.90
Taeyeon, Jessica, Tiffany ---> sorry sold out
Ready stock:Yoona,Seohyun,Yuri 12.90 SGD, the rest member : 11.90 SGD
(Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)
OFFICIAL SM Everysing 2011 Calendar - SNSD
Everysing Girls Generation 2011 Desk calendar : 24.90 SGD
Everysing Girls Generation 2011 Wall calendar : 27.90 SGD (big size almost as size of poster ^__^)
now promo only 10 SGD for 200 SGD purchased in 1 month transaction :D

Rare SPAO 2010 Calendar : 27,90 SGD
Eventhough the calendar year is 2010, this rare calendar with vintage images of our lovely gal is something not to be missed for your SNSD Collection.

10+ Idol magazine : 29.90 SGD !!
(Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)
Book Size: A4.
Click ALL IDOLs Item page here

A profile book/encyclopaedia of idols which 10asia believe have best represented the Korean entertainment industry in 2010
-Featured idols:SHINee, TAEYANG,Jay Park, Rain, 2AM, Girls’ Generation,T.O.P,Wonder Girls,F(X),Jung Yong Hwa,miss A, BEAST, MBLAQ, Secret, Orange Caramel,INFINITE
-Profiles and photos of each idol is included with interesting questions answered by the idols-250 pages
KBS Invincible Youth item !!

Photobook = Photo Essay(포토에세이) : A4 (210X297) 120 page : 27.90 SGD
KBS Invincible Youth Calendar only = 14.90 SGD( HOT IN STOCK item!Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)
SNSD SPAO 'rare' Mousepad : 19.90 SGD
Rare mousepad >_< from SPAO

SINGLES Feb 2011 Special Ed -Jessica : 22.90 SGD
Special Edition SINGLES. Exclusive photos of Jessica in Bali

AstaTV SNSD Special ed, SHINEE, Oct 2010 Issue : 19.90 SGD

( Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)

AstaTV Oct2010 all star :
- SNSD Special edition
- 2PM
- Kara
- 4 Minute
- sungkyunkwan scandal actors
- Playfull Kiss Kim Hyun Joong

Japan KPOP GIRLS (Japan Magazine) OCT 2010 Issue : 26.90 SGD

(Promo UP: 34.90 SGD)
-- Ready Stock!! Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall

SNSD and KARA in cover page.
Beside SNSD profile page, got KARA bromide poster,
Profile featured : 4MINUTE, BEG, After School, SECRET,etc, other boy group profile
Limited edition : FULL PAGE photo bromide in every page!!
laguage : Japanese

* double click image for bigger preview
SNSD Goobne Bromide set : 22.90 SGD
(Ready Stock!! Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)
9 member = 9 poster in 1 set (must buy in set).
size per each poster 11.85 x 28.5cm
Girl's Generation Cheering concert towel : 24.90 SGD

(- Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)READY STOCK limited
2nd Japanese Single – Gee Japan First Press Limited edition #:UPCH-89088

Price : 49.90SGD CD + DVD (music Video) with High quality Japan DVD technology.
comes with collectible random trading card.
Other goodies include: photo booklet and 1 out of 9 trading cards (random)

CD Contents:
1. Gee (Japanese Ver.)
2. Gee (Korean Ver.)
3. Gee (Without Main Vocal)DVD Contents:1. Gee PV (Original ver.)
2. Gee PV (Dance ver.)Sorry price can change, do note before placing your order, as we dunno the shipping bills for sure. we just order plenty,but they havent confirm us for total shipping cost,price can range depends on how many order we get)
SM TOWN LIVE 2010 Official Good
Sorry all the price for SM Town2010 merchandise went up high, becoz not much stock left, mostly sold out, even in korea -news from our korean suppliers)
Note :
- SM Town Live 2010 Cheering concert FAN : 18.50 SGD each
Ready stock left :
- Yoona : 18.50 SGD,
- Taeyeon & Jessica : 23.90 SGD,
- Tiffany 22.90 SGD

- Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall

- SMTown Live 2010 Group Poster size (60cm x 90cm) : 34.90 SGD
- SMTown Live 2010 Post Card Set : must buy in set, (contain each member in group): was 29.90 SGD--> 32.90 SGD--> 36.90 SGD--> now 39.90 SGD due to last piece >_<
SM Town Live 2010 Catalogue book (All SM Artiste): was 50 SGD--> 55 SGD --> now last 1 for 58.90 SGD

SM Town Live 2010 - All SM Town Family poster : 29.90 SGD
The SM Town family poster contain pics of all family member (SM Town artiste) like SUJU, SNSD, SHINEE,F(X),TRAX,etc

** double click image for bigger preview

Japan : Girls Generation Memoirs- “SNSD Information Record” :14.90 SGD
-->(UP : 29.90 SGD)(SALE!! - Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)
Language : Japanese

Contains SNSD’s pictures, their activities in details ,member introductions with comments, photos and the member’s secrets to fashion styling (in japanese).
According to HMV the names of the sections in the books are as follows:
- Sexy & Cute! Let’s Dancing. The cute secrets of the 9 members
- Fundamental knowledge of knowing SNSD
- Secrets to being fashionable- Stories of concert impressions
- Their dancing is amazing! I am moved by their singing voices
- A record of SNSD’s cutie talk - Plays and Variety
Girls Generation Photo Scrap Book : 85.90 SGD

Limited Ready stock! more detail of how scrap book look like : click here http://snsdkorean.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/sme-to-release-the-girls-official-scrapbook-4-ver-of-post-card-sets/
Everysig SNSD Photo Post card set :11.90 SGD each
Ready stock! set A,B,C,D --> available in 4 different set pack.
1 pack consist of 4 diff postcard.

Sorry price went up, as stock in korea also getting rare
Girls Generation Star Cllection cards Vol 2.5 : 56.90 SGD
Poster Ad collection card set : 12.90 SGD
carry small version of (rare" baby2 poster

2nd Wave Girl's Generation Star colection card : 52.90 SGD --> SOLD OUT

Girl's Generation Star collection Card Season 1 : 52.90 SGD---> SORRY SOLD OUT

ALWAYS READY STOCK SNSD old album for our fellow SONE

in stock Girl's Generation Album CD !!
(ALL CD also Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)

For info :Official POSTER available for CD : Hoot, Oh! only >_<
for other poster , click here
SNSD the 3rd Mini Album – hoot! : 24.90 SGD
Free gift with poster, special gift, special photo card
Run Devil Run: 27,90 SGD
inside CD have folded poster (random member))+ GROUP poster: 27,90 SGD
Oh! : 27.90 SGD (in stock with poster)
- Limited edition with Random photo (special collectible random photo)+ GROUP poster: 27,90 SGD- no poster, CD only : 24,90 SGD
GENIE : 21.90 SGD (in stock, NO poster)

SNSD 1st Mini Album Into The New World : 18.90 SGD (in stock NO poster)

Vol. 1 - Girls' Generation : 22.90 SGD
(in stock NO poster)

GIRLS' GENERATION Vol. 1 - Repackage Album Baby Baby: 22.50 SGD (in stock NO poster)
Girls Generation Vol.1 (Baby Baby)

GIRLS' GENERATION - Mini Album vol.1 :Gee : 20.90 SGD
CD comes with 44page Mini PhotoBook

Ost Cinderella Man : 24.90 (SNSD Yoona as cast)
--> PO onlyHOT Item IN STOCKS #2

Girl's Generation POSTER

Genie Japan Poster : 22.90 SGD


SNSD Official Encore Concert Posters Set 1 elegant tube : 45.90 SGD
---> SORRY SOLD OUT T__TSize: 62 x 103 cm (9 Posters a Set).
Desc : With Oh! vintage theme,9 Individual poster comes in 1 set in elegant tube,Each poster of individual member
Size : 62 X 103 (in CM) ,
So, total you will get all 9 member ,
no more searching or trade to get your favourite member, SURE get one!! hehe ^_^
OFFICIAL SPAO POSTERSNSD SPAOh! numbering Tees Poster : 16.90 SGD,13.90 SGD for 1 SPAO tees bought and 11.90 SGD only for 2 SPAO tees bought ^_^
Limited Ready stock!!
SNSD HOOT Bromide poster : 24,90 SGD

Official CD PosterRDR : 18.90 SGDOh! : 12.90 SGD
Star Collection card set Small poser carry Baby Baby poster : 12.90 SGD
Gee : 39.90 SGD (rare Officcial Gee poster, version : girls Roller skating)-- sorry sold out

Goobne folded bromide : 19.90 SGD Goobne folded bromide.
Contain 8 folded girls picture (small as it is folded),but at the other side another 1 main Picture (Big picture of your fave member that you can choose: as shown in the pic).
- for big picture of Yuri, Tiffany, Yoona :23.90 SGD
- Seohyun, Sooyoung : 19.90 SGD
- Taeyeon , Jessica : 25.90 SGD

The Trax Oh My Goddess Poster Seohyun : 16.90 SGD

iPopcorn ad official (rare) poster : 34.90 SGD
SNSD with LG Cookie Poster : 12.90 SGD
Desc : Non official- printed copy

EVERYSING in stocks !!

(some item available at ToyOutpost Plaza sing))
All Everysing official goods below
SNSD Oh! CD sticker : 6.90 SGD each

you can stick this sticker to your favourite burning CD.. ^_^
Everysing SNSD Transportation card case : was 14,90 SGD
sorry now price changed since rare item must buy from other reseller,sorry
sorry rare item now price increased, because need to buy it from other reseller T__T
Ready Stock available at Toyoutpost also:
- Taeyeon : 19.90 SGD
- Tiffany,Jessica,Seohyun, Sunny :18.90 SGD
- Sooyoung,Sunny : 17.90 SGD
- Hyoyeon : 16.90 SGD

EverySing HP Strap Genie : was 22,90 SGD , now increased to 27.90 SGD
Becoming rare item now, Official HP Strap Genie style for each member)
Everysing SNSD Mousepad (RDR design): 16.90 SGD

Everysing Limited edition Official HQ Picture ===========================================================
(Some type available at ToyOutpost Plaza sing)
Everysing HQ Silver foil, Official printed signature Photo (No frame).
Size: 23.5 x 35 cm. Comes in a protective foil bag .
-Hoot version : 43.90 SGD
-Oh! Version : 44.90 SGD --> limited stock : Taeyeon,Tiffany, Yuri
-RDR version : 44.90 SGD --> Taeyeon,Seohyun
-Gee version : 47.90 --> Yoona, Taeyeon, Tiffany
-Genie version : 45.90 SGD --> Taeyeon, Yoona
-SPAO per member version : 49.90 SGD --> Yoona only left
-SPAO Version RED (9 member girl in red for victory korea campaign) : 44.90 SGD ( only 1 left)
- SPAO Version (9 member girls wear SPAO cloths) : 44.90 SGD
GEE VersionOh! Version

Limited edition Official HQ Picture with frame
They are Comes in a bubble wrap protector and individual box.
Oh! Framed : 86.90 SGD
Oh! version for framed Oh! vintage edition, in white wood and covered by a protective glass edition ( 31 x 31 ) CM
Ready stock : Taeyeon, Yoona (only 1 left for each, so hurry as Everysing didnt reproduce this limited piece anymore >_<)

RDR Framed : 84.90 SGD
Ready stock : Taeyeon, Yoona (only 1 left each, so hurry as Everysing will not reprduce this limited piece anymore >_<)

EverySing Sticker Type 1; Type 2 : 11.90 each set

EverySing Paper File- Paper file type : 12.50 SGD
Theme : Oh! version (left with Seohyun and Yuri only)

hot in stock item #4


BSX - Beyond 9 Tees : 69.90 SGD
left : Blue (nunber 9 checkered), size M
( Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)
Size in CM flat size, not round size),
Size -> : S ----------M-----------L------------XL
Chest -> : 45-----------49----------53-----------57
Shoulder -> : 39-----------42----------46-----------49

FAQ for SPAO Tees :
Note : Please understand that number and size depends on stocks left from SPAO. To secure your order, hurry email us at fokpop at yahoo.com.sg and kindly give your detail number and substitute (if any) before pre-order.
SPAO - Unisex ALEL Party time : 34.90-35.90 SGD
with our lovely girl's face in RDR theme printed as background along with their official printed autograph)
- size M and L ready stock
-Taeyeon: blue 34.90 SGD --> sold out!!
-Jessica: brown 34.90 SGD
-Yuri : gren : 34.90 SGD (left M, L only)
-Yoona : White 36,90 SGD ( left M only )
Got their face painted in RDR theme, transparant behind the text ALEL party time, the girl picture easy to spot from certain distance. Cones with printed autograph member as well.
**click image for bigger preview

SPAO Sailor with text "Girl's Generation" written : 41.90 SGD

(Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)

**click image for bigger preview
Desc Tees: SPAO tees Sailor with text "Girl's generation" written. Wore by Sunny,Yuri,Jessica,Sooyoung
Color : White and Blue (M in stock)

SNSD - SPAO Hoot series : 41.90 SGD
SNSD SPAO Member Hoot Tees
S:Length: 65, Shoulder: 34, Chest: 41
M:Length: 67, Shoulder: 35.5, Chest: 43.5
L:Length: 69, Shoulder: 37, Chest: 46
- Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall
Available individual member (S,M,L)
**click image for bigger preview
Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)**click image for bigger preview
Desc tees : Sailor tees with number 9 wording on sidePrice : 39.90 SGD

SPAO we love STRIPE tees : 19.90 SGD
SNSD Love Stripe tees: UP 34.90 SGD
female sleeve is shorter and waist line and male tees is slim fit
Desc tees: Yoona wear green, Taeyeon wear Blue stripe**click image for bigger preview

SPAO Black Silver numbering tees : 29.90 SGD

- 7 Yoona --> sold out
- 9 Taeyeon M,L
- 11 Seohyun M,L
- 21 Yuri M, L

(- Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)
New CHibbie tees (Big cartoon chibbie in front) : 26.90 SGD
UP 36.90 SGD
-Desc : Chibbie only available for Yuri,Jessica,Taeyeon,Yoona
Size : S,M,L
Size M : Chest 43cm / Shoulder : 37 CM / Total length 61cm (flat size)
**click image for bigger preview

SPAO tees: Small Chibbie cartoon
Small Chibbie cartoon white tees : 18.90 SGD UP 32.90 SGD

(SALE!! Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)

Desc : Chibbie ony available for Yuri,Jessica,Taeyeon,YoonaSIze : S,M,L**click image for bigger preview

**click image for bigger preview
Desc : soccer cheer tees, Go korea Yes I red it, wore by Yoona
price :34.90 SGD
**click image for bigger preview
Desc Tees : Wore by Yuri as SPAO ad (Harvard tees) with Harvard LogoPrice : 39.90 SGD
Geenie 9 member standing as in the poster Genie : 35.90 SGD
- Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall

**click image for bigger preview
Size M : Chest 41cm / Total length 61cm (flat size)

**click image for bigger preview
M size : Chest 41cm / Total length 61cm (flat size, not round size)
Left tees : SNSD Genie (Yoona) : cartoon : 35.90 SGD
RIght tees : SNSD 9 member girls (with Girl's Generation written) : 39.90 SGD--> only 1 left : WHITE (size L)

-For SPAO numbering color tees, SPAO not reproduce them anymore, so can not pre-order, LIMITED STOCK LEFT T__T

SNSD Numbering color tees female : 32,90 SGD
SIZE for female numbering tees below :
S size : Chest 36 cm / Total length 50cm
M size : Chest 40 cm / Total length 53cm
L size : Chest 43 cm / Total length 57cm

SPAO Unisex Numbering tees : 38.90 SGD
sorry price increased, as not much stock left and we got it from other reseller

Left with :
7 White Yoona (M,L)
9 Navy blue Taeyeon (M , L)
22 Blue Jessica (M, L)

Unisex as for Men size.

Sleeveless SPAO numbering tees : 23.90 SGD
(Available at ToyOutpost Plaza Singapura mall)

- 22 Blue Jessica --> sold out
- 9 Green Taeyeon S,M
- 7 Yoona M
- 21 Yuri L


9 member chibie cheerlead Oh! in line style : 35.90 SGD
Side front and back (have name : Jessica, Tffany, Seohyun, Yoona, Taeyon,Sunny, Yuri,Sooyoung
(in stock ivory,pink,blue,yellow)

SPAO Tees theme :24.90 SGD
- Theme 1 : Sunny with speaker
- Theme 2 : Tiffany and Yuri
-Size describe above will be the same for all SPAO tees in pics below (in CM)
SPAO Shirt (in stock : S/M size)
Yellow : 32.90 SGD
white : 35.90 SGD
sorry white color is higher price 35.90 SGD, since when we bought the yellow one with lower price
Not much stock left T_T
SNSD SPAO Mike : 29.90 SGD
with Girls generation written in background, available in orage and blue
SPAO Shirt loong sleeves (in stock Grey : M size) : 69.90 SGD
(sorry price up,1 left only,no stock left from SPAO)

1st ASIAN TOUR Into The New World concert goodies

Girl's Generation The 1st Asian Tour Paper cup : 6.90 SGD

SNSD Encore concert phone charms : 36.90 SGD
Yuri-TIffany-Jesicca ) only for per set (consist of 3 our lovely gal phone charm:p)
-> Set Yuri - TIffany -Jessica : 36.90 SGD
-> Set Taeyon-Hyoyeon-Sooyoung : 35 SGD
-> Set Yoona - Sunny - Seohyun : 35 SGD

SNSD 1st Asian Tour Encore Chibi Tees(1st Asian tour): 37.90 SGD
Available : Yoona M, Taeyeon S

SNSD 1st Asia Tour 9 cheerlead 3D File : 23.90 SGD
DESC: concert goods SNSD 1st Asia Tour 2 Files with 3D image, Have 2 slot A4 paper inside each

SNSD Misc Item

In stock!!!
Rare Thsutleo SNSD Photobook: auctioned :highest bid now : 155 SGD

SNSD Cheering Concert Lighstick :
- Girl's Generation G Crown Lighstiock big : 16.90 SGD
- Girl's generation written and pink purple light : 12.90 SGD (purple pink)
- Girl's generation written with 3 diff MODE of light : 14,90 SGD (bright pink)

Hp Strap with 9 photos of SNSD Member : 9.90 SGD

SNSD Non Official Desk calendar 2011 : 15.90 SGD
Desc : Newest edition of desk calendar, 26 pics
(bonus : sticker and B5 both pics (RDR + oh!)

Non official SNSD wall Poster Calendar 2011 : 18,90 SGD
can be hang to wall, 1 month, 1 poster, total 12 pics poster ^_^

SNSD Keychain
- Tiffany : 9.90 SGD (have 2 kind)
- Jessica : 9.90 SGD (Only 1 left)
- Yuri : 9.90 SGD (Only 1 left)

- Taeyon : 7.90 SGD (Only 1 left)
- Tiffany : 7.90 SGD (Only 2 left)
- Jessica : 7.90 SGD ( 2 kind)
- Seohyun : 7.90 SGD (only 1 left)
- Yuri : 7.90 SGD (only 1 left)

SNSD socks
5.50 SGD each, buy 4 member for 18 SGD :p
(please see pics for socks image type,as they will come in different design and various type depends on my supplier ^^)

Mianhe SONE,no more stock ,SOLD OUT ITEM T__T

--> sold out

Girls' Generation The 1st Asian Tour Concert Goodies
USB 2GB 1st Asian Tour concert: 54.90 SGD

SNSD GOBNE Diary (2009 edition) : 27.90 SGD

Girl's Generation 1st Photobook in Tokyo :87.90 --> 95.90 --> now 106.90 SGD (SORRY SOLD OUT)
Photobook + 354 page-with DVD (with english subtitle)
Their official 1st photobook ever!! yorobbun,dont u dare miss it! ^_^

1) 화보 A) Pictorial - 크기 : 235 * 330 mm - Size: 235 * 330 mm
- 페이지 : 354 P (표지포함)
- Pages: 354 P (including cover)
2) SPECIAL GIFT - DVD : 런닝타임 1시간 9분 / All CODE / 영문 자막
- DVD: 1 hour 9 minutes running time / All CODE region can play
3)English subtitles

Japan “Genie” First Press Limited Edition : UPCH-89086 : 49.90 SGD

RELEASE date : 2010.09.08
CD Single+DVDNewly recorded Japanese version of “Genie”. LIMITED!- package photobook is only available by buying the first press limited edition only
after that no more!
- 1 random trading card out of 9 possible trading cards
1. Genie (Japanese Ver.)
2. Genie (Korean Ver.)
3. Genie (Instrumental)DVD
Genie Music Video (newly recorder Japan version)
Publisher Product Code: UPCH-89086
Language: Japanese
SNSD featuring Magazine Cover : 28.90 SGD

Cosmopolitan Sep 2009 issue (Birthday special edition : SNSD in cover): 34.90 SGD ---> sorry sold out
Rare magazine not to be missed, SNSD Special
* double click image for bigger preview

Roomate: 20.90 SGD (stock NO poster)--> KOREA SOLD OUT

Beyond 9 Hoodie : 105.90 SGD

Beyond 9 Hoodie


click image for bigger preview
SNSD Beyond 9 hoodie
Price: 105.90 SGD
Desc : Official Hoodie from BSX wore by SNSD/Girl's Generation and Big Bang click image for bigger preview
Measurements below is not for round mesurement, but front side only
Shoulder, Chest, Sleeve length, Total length-(in CM):
S : 38.7------- 45.1 -------64.8 ---------- 63.5
M : 42.5--------50.2 ------65.4 -----------68.6
L : 45.1--------52.7 -------66.7 -----------71.1
XL: 47.6--------55.2 -------67.9 -----------73.7

Girl's Generation 1st Asia Tour Bromide poster (9 poster set) : 34.90 SGD --sold out
Desc : Girl's Generation 1st Asia Tour Bromide/poster (9 poster in 1 set)Size: 420*300(mm)
Hp Strap non photo : 7.50 SGD

or BAZAAR event only ^__^