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Pre - order Japan Burberry Blue Label - Burberry Black Label starting now for Sep 2009


Will go to Japan next 22 Sep 2009. Since I love bags so much, i will definitely go to Burberry Blue Label or Burberry Black Label to satisfy my needs to hold them some back here at singapore.

So guys....,

if you are also a fan of Burberry Blue Label/Black label lover as me, and need them to be collected after Sep 2009, can just pre-order.

I'm not looking for much revenue of this pre-order, just want to share my joy as BBL lover, and also..enough to cover my food expense while i shop there haha :p

Order the items ( only per new season) now..!

U can see them at http://www.burberry-bluelabel.com/ or http://www.burberry-blacklabel.com/

Price for your order will be:
(Price in Yen) X exchange rate from the credit card company + S$55( for bag)/35$ (for wallet)

**For international orders, there will be international postage (abt S$25~$30) and a 3% additional admin fee on top of the handling fee**

Can just fill up the order form below and email me the form with a picture of bags/wallet that you order.

Email to : fokpop@yahoo.com.sg with this order form below
- write in Subject Email : PreOrder Japan BBL

--------------Order form -----------------

- NAME :
- TYPE : Wallet / Bag
- Brand : Burberry Blue Label/Black lable
- Bag/Wallet Desc : model, Color, size (pls do remember to attach photos as well:)
- Collection : Mall of MRT (option to collect only avail at : Bishan / AMK/ Doubhy Ghout, Mail for international buyers only (additional fee)
- (Optional) for any Alternatives model ,if your wish bag/wallet is out of stock

start taking orders from now till 19 Sep 2009. As this is pre-order, kindly upfront payment of S$100 per bag / $80$ per wallet (fo deposit --> don't worry,your deposit will be refunded (in full of course!!) by 28 Sep 2009 if I can not find the bag /wallet that you want)

Please understand my term,that there would be no refunds once we’ve made the purchase on your behalf.

So, guys.. happy order... ^_^