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F4 / Boys Over Flower Item

Annyooong ^^

F4 / Boys Over Flower Marchndise

(3 item left)
F4_Poster_type 1 (5 SGD)

(2 item left)
F4_Poster_type 2 (5 SGD)

(2 item left- reserved no payment made)
F4_Kim Bum Poster (5 SGD)

Also, available for pre-order poster for Lee Minho ad Kim Hyun Joong (but must pre-order, as always out of stocks, and I won't sell what i have now on my wall.. hehe)

Lee Minho calendar (14.90 SGD)
, bonus : Lee Minho Sticker Calendar

Lee Minho calendar 2010-2011

F4/ BOF misc item for collectibles !!

BOF all item available in stocks (non original BOF merchandise)

--> note : ( these items are non official item, but heck, i still love it for my collectibles :D

Lee Minho Calendar : 14.90 SGD
Lee Minho mousepad : 5.50 SGD each
F4 pensil case 2.80 SGD each
F4 card key Holder : 2 each
F4 pouch : 3.80 SGD each
F4 - BOF diary : 3 SGD each

(2 item left , 2 SGD each)
F4 - key holder card 2 SGD

F4 Pencil case, available in 4 different image (left with Kim Bum, an BOF image only: 2 item left) : 2.80 SGD each

(2 item left ,3.80 SGD each)
F4 - BOF lovely pouch for ur coin/any stuff see image for clear comparison (3.80 SGD )

F4 - BOF diary - 3 SGD (non official diary BOF)

Original Item from Korea

-- Imported from Korea...!! --

(only 1 item)
F4 -Boys Over Flower Folding Fan -(10.90 SGD) (different side have different image)

F4 - Folding Fan side 1 (Original from BOF marchandise)

F4 - Folding Fan side 2 (Original from BOF marchandise)

they are original of Boys Over Flower Merchandise item (from korea) --

Original BOF Folding Fan side 2

- F4 Boys Over Flower BlackJack Card - (8.90 SGD) --> (status : 1 deck card left)

a deck of cards full background with our lovable boys..^^ which card sign that captured your heart the most..? my fave one, Kim Bum and Lee Min ho..?

F4 Boys Over Flower BlackJack Card

as for me, my 'As' card will always my Lee Min ho oppa.. how bout u? :)

F4 Boys Over Flower BlackJack Card side 1

F4 Boys Over Flower BlackJack Card side 2

F4 BOF leter set ( 3 papers, 3 envelopes, 2 red F4 skull stickers) - 1 set complete for only 4.90 SGD

F4_A4 Letter_withF4sticker

F4 Socks I Love U - (5.90 SGD) (1 item left)

this one my fave,as very hard to find nowadays..
i'm thinking to sell this over price, so only sell it to desperate people only... haha.. if it was mean for you then let it be..

F4 Socks I Love U

Kim Bum socks and Kim Joon hyung (only 2 socks left, must pre-order, imported form korea : 5 SGD each)